Fisheries & Aquatic Ecology, Monitoring & Management

We are aquatic environmental professionals passionate about working collaboratively with our clients to learn about and protect the waters we all depend on.

About Us

We specialize in fisheries and aquatic habitat sciences and are dedicated to helping our clients pursue and achieve their goals in understanding the complex nature of their waters and how to ensure their protection. We take pride in being approachable and make sure we know our clients and communities’ concerns to work together and address environmental issues while also supporting projects that will benefit both the environment and communities across Canada.

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Our Services

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Fish & Aquatic Ecology Studies

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Environmental Sampling & Monitoring

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Construction Monitoring

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Mapping & GIS Analysis

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Training & Technical Support

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Expert Reviews & Scientific Advisory Support

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Community Engagement

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What Makes Us Different?

We have an extensive and diverse background in the environmental field which allows us to approach our work in a way that incorporates many different perspectives. We work closely with indigenous communities as well as industry partners, academic institutions, and regulators. Our experiences help us bring these groups together to protect and restore the aquatic environment while also helping important initiatives and projects succeed to benefit communities across the country.

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